Nintendo sues Mario Kart go-karting rental in Tokyo

MariCar a Tokyo-based company that allows customers to dress up as Nintendo characters like Mario and Luigi, sticks them in go-carts and leads them on tours through Tokyo.

In any case, Super Mario Kart in real life sounds like an infinite loop of fun.

Although passengers are not racing they are provided with a nice tour of the city. Unfortunately, that newfound advertising only comes because Nintendo has declared it is suing the company.

Nintendo states the name MariCar is an abbreviation of its own "Mario Kart" game.

Eurogamer reports the Nintendo legal team is accusing the company of violating its intellectual property rights - as you can easily gather from the image above.

The tours around the City can cost anywhere from $53 to $71 and are extremely popular.

Nintendo added that it will continue to take steps to protect the intellectual property it has built over of many years of hard work.

People seem to really love MariCar, at least according to TripAdvisor. As of now, there's no word on MariCar's current situation. Nintendo, which probably could have enjoyed this, or let some other people enjoy it, made a decision to give lawyers all of the fun, and sent them out with cease and desist mushrooms. Nintendo said that they issued several warnings to MariCar but received no response.

Today, Nintendo announced a lawsuit against a Tokyo-based kart rental service called MariCar.

  • Arturo Norris