Nate Robinson goes through defender's legs in D-League game

Robinson, who is in the D-League playing for the DE 87ers, dribbled into a trap against the Raptors 905 during their game on Saturday and escaped in a way only he could.

Unfortunately for Robinson, he finished the night with just three points on 1-of-6 shooting in 17 minutes.

"Robinson, a three-time National Basketball Association slam dunk champion listed at 5-9", saw this as the most logical way to break a double team and draw a foul while playing for the DE 87ers on Saturday.

As of three weeks ago, the dimunitive 32-year-old has been playing for the DE 87ers, the D-League affiliate of the Philadelphia 76ers. Instead of passing out of the double-team, Robinson found a better way to escape it - literally dribbling through the legs of a 7-foot-2 defender. Still just 32 years old, Robinson played last season overseas in Israel, clearly keeping his craft at a top-notch level, as his flare for the game lives on.

  • Julie Sanders