'Moonlight' Wins Best Picture In The Most Shocking Moment Of The Oscars

While "La La Land" seemed to dominate the Oscars this year, "Moonlight" pulled in a substantial amount of awards too, winning Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

An additional wrinkle was added to the saga backstage, where Stone explained that she was on stage after "La La Land" was announced as victor with her best actress Oscars and card in hand. And to La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz: You handled this as well as anyone could have.

Mr. Beatty and Miss Dunaway announced that "La La Land" had won best picture.

All told, it was a big night for both "Moonlight" and "La, La Land", with the films scooping three and seven accolades, respectively.

The moment was so extremely freaky - and unprecedented - that one of La La Land's producers actually held the envelope up to the camera, clearly showing Moonlight as the victor. "And that's all I have I have to say on the subject", he told the Los Angeles Times. "I wasn't trying to be amusing", he explained, laughing awkwardly.

The cast and people behind Moonlight accepted the award, and director Barry Jenkins said "Even in my dreams, this could not be true". But to hell with dreams. "And, of course, it was an fantastic thing to hear 'La La Land.' I think we all would have loved to win Best Picture".

"We are now investigating how this could have happened, and deeply regret that this occurred", PricewaterhouseCooper concluded.

"I think all the movies that were nominated were worthy so I accepted the result, I applauded like everybody else", recalled Jenkins backstage of the initial announcement.

Matt and his wife Luciana met up with Jimmy and his pregnant wife Molly at the soiree
Matt and his wife Luciana met up with Jimmy and his pregnant wife Molly at the soiree

"I don't know what happened". That film has really impacted people in a very different way than Moonlight, so when their name was read, I wasn't surprised - I was really happy for them.

While we wait for an official clarification and the story behind the goof up, there is no doubt the incident will go down in the history of the Oscar as the biggest mistake to ever take place in Academy Awards night.

"I will say, I saw two cards, and so things just happen".

"He came upstairs and he walked over to me, and he showed the card", he continued.

There really are no words to describe the final moments of the ceremony, but we'll try our best. "I knew I would screw this up", said Kimmel, a first-time host.

"Warren refused to show the card to anybody before he showed it to me", Jenkins said.

As you'd imagine, the internet is having a field day with this.

  • Salvatore Jensen