Emma Thompson has a heartbreaking reason for missing Love Actually reunion

While speaking with the Press Association (via The Guardian), Thompson confirmed that the reason why she wouldn't be appearing in what's being dubbed "Red Nose Day Actually" is due to the death of her friend and frequent costar, Alan Rickman. Emma Freud, Love Actually writer and wife of Curtis, told fans in 2015 exactly what happened to the pair via Twitter. However, he died at the age of 69 in January past year after battling from cancer. He and Thompson appeared in multiple movies together, including 1995's "Sense and Sensibility" and multiple "Harry Potter" films. He was the ultimate ally.

"Richard [Curtis, the writer] wrote to me and said "darling we can't write anything for you because of Alan" and I said "no of course, it would be sad, too sad"," she told PA.

Rickman played Harry, the husband of Thompson's Karen, in the 2003 holiday hit. Many consider it to be the film's best scene.

Thompson and Rickman worked together on a number of films, building a strong personal and professional relationship over the years.

On the other hand, Thompson also had talked with some writers and they had made plans about making a 10-minute reunion film which will soon be broadcast in United Kingdom on March 24 for the Red Nose Day, The Guardian reported.

Emma Thompson in London on February 23, 2017. When she spoke with the BBC about it, she said that it was too soon.

"It's too soon. It's absolutely right because it's supposed to be for Comic Relief but there isn't much comic relief in the loss of our dear friend really only just over a year ago", she said. "To revisit the wonderful fun characters of Bill Nighy and Hugh Grant and all of that, that's fantastic", she gushed.

While Thompson says it was "absolutely the right decision" to leave her character out of the upcoming short film, she's definitely looking forward to tuning in.

We miss him, too.

  • Salvatore Jensen