Broncos compensatory pick streak may end in 2018

This marks the first year in which compensatory picks can be traded.

Free agents the Cardinals lost that qualified in the comp equation were safety Rashad Johnson, guard Ted Larsen, tackle Bobby Massie, tackle Bradley Sowell, linebacker Sean Weatherspoon and cornerback Corey White.

Despite signing Mitchell Schwartz past year to a free agent contract, the Chiefs suffered significant losses in free agency, including cornerback Sean Smith to the Oakland Raiders.

The Dolphins were awarded three compensatory picks by the National Football League, one in the third round and two in the fifth. "That is a sweet spot in the draft, those second-round picks".

In 2017, it will be the first time compensatory picks can be traded.

No one deliberately chooses a player who turns out to be a bust, but the Browns have been experts at doing just that since 1999, although this front office did a great job of drafting in 2016. The selections added for the Bengals are overall picks 138, 178, 219 and 253. The closest team to the Ravens, the Green Bay Packers, are 10 picks behind. For Osemele, it was one of the largest contracts in free agency and he was a starter on the Raiders' line for every game he was healthy for. When you win, players want more money and will leave for other teams.

The Browns ended up being the worst team in the National Football League in 2016 (shocker), so this condition didn't make a huge difference.

I honestly do not recall which beat writer Tweeted it, but I saw one of them write yesterday on social media that the Steelers were actually anticipating a sixth-round pick.

Instead, the Seahawks got about as favorable of a haul as they could have hoped for in garnering two of what were an NFL-record 11 extra third-round picks handed out.

They learned Friday that what they gained from Osemele's departure was an extra third-round pick in April's draft.

  • Julie Sanders