Apple decides iPhone screen repairs will no longer void your warranty

Many electronic devices, not only limited to Apple iPhone devices, are very strict when it comes to offering warranty services to devices that have seen third-party alterations and repairs.

In the past, if you brought in an iPhone for repairs not related to the display and it was discovered that the screen has been replaced or repaired by an unauthorized person, Apple would consider the warranty null and void and owners will be asked to pay the whole out of warranty charge. According to the memo obtained by 9to5Mac, Apple will force you to pay the full, out-of-warranty cost on a screen fix if the third-party display you buy fails.

Apple, however, has pretty clear pricing on its iPhone screen repairs.

On top of that, if this issue is related to the third-party display, consumers will be forced to pay the out-of-warranty cost for the fixing or Apple will turn them away completely. Apple is no longer punishing you for having butterfingers ... any more than it already does by having such a crack-able glass screen on its phone. According to Apple Insider, even a slight damage caused by repairs will void the warranty and that the problems that emerge as offshoots of third-party technicians will incur extra fees.

iPhones with third-party displays must still be within their warranty coverage period, whether it be Apple's standard 1-year manufacturer's warranty or extended AppleCare coverage, in order for warranty service to be honored. In the worst case scenario, you have to pay for the broken iPhone itself. If the customer declines, the Apple Authorized Service Providers can decline service. Previously, once you replaced your display using someone other than Apple, you were on your own. The warranty does not apply if the requested fix relates to the screen.

If you are deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem and have been religiously snapping up iOS devices upon their release, then you probably know that, as a rule, you must only get a problematic device repaired by Apple technicians.

Other conditions have been imposed on the internal memo. AppleCare+ will also not cover this.

  • Carolyn Briggs