Lana Del Rey is lending her magic to that anti-Trump spell

Meanwhile, the mystically minded Christians of America are attempting to erect a prayer shield of their own around the president, to ward off hostile magics being cast on tonight's waning crescent ritual day.

Lana Del Rey's fans have already had a chance to listen to her new hit song, "Love" and now they have a chance to not only listen to it, but see the story behind the music. This morning (February 24) at midnight, the singer told her Twitter followers to mark their calendars for the stroke of midnight on February 24, March 26, April 24 and May 23.

Lana del Rey is an avid astrologist, as her fans know, and a rep for the "Love" songstress confirmed to Pitchfork that tweet does refer to the occult ritual dates.

The spell was allegedly created "by a member of a private magical order who wishes to remain anonymous", though many are approaching it as if it's a mass art project, meant to raise consciousness of the dangers Trump is wreaking.

"So because of that, the sound just got really updated, and I felt like it was more wanting to, like, talk to the younger side of the audience I have". It has also been reported that Trump is not adjusting well living in the White House, having obtained cabin fever due to restlessness.

  • Salvatore Jensen