Jimmy Kimmel Clears the Air on Retirement Comments

Kimmel said. "I work a lot".

While De Luca and Todd have said they like prerecorded clips packages about the movies, Kimmel said he'll lean on his best attribute- reacting spontaneously on live TV. "Any number of frightful things could happen and my parents will think it was the greatest performance they've ever seen". So, let us find out how the so-called feud actually started between both of them.

Oscars host, Jimmy Kimmel is disappointed that Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, got snubbed by the voters. And out of a sudden, he dropped Matt Damon's name at the end of a show, saying they ran out of time and he can not be a guest that night. After dropping this line, one of his producers cracked up. It might not have been the most progressive series, but its joyous celebration of masculinity made it one of Comedy Central's most popular shows.

"I think this job is a grind, and best-cast scenario, a marathon", Kimmel told Variety. 'I want to apologize to Matt Damon. Reacting to that astute observation, Kimmel quipped, "You're thinking we could've used more time?"

So who is doing it and where do I know him from?

Jimmy then went on to explain as to why he took Damon's name.

"Just don't [expletive] up the Oscars", Romo said. I mean, people laugh every time I say it. ...

The recent drama for their "fake fight" was during the 2016 Emmy Awards.

It will be quite a comedic tightrope to walk for the talk show host. "It's going to be gorgeous-you want to look good".

So we had to ask Matt how he thinks Jimmy will do as host, since he will have a front row seat.

If all else fails, Kimmel recently revealed that he'll have a secret weapon by his side on Oscar Sunday: his wife, Molly McNearey.

Damon also confirmed himself that he will be at the show. "One thing I know he won't be throwing at me is an Oscar because he's not going to win". "My goal is to keep him off stage". Academy Awards will air on February 26 at 1:30 p.m. EST, do not forget to watch it.

  • Salvatore Jensen