WhatsApp 'Tagline' Update May Bring Back Text Statuses

While most of the users had snapchat for uploading stories and found Whatsapp new update as an unnecessary feature, some were confused about the changes in the app and were not happy with the shifting of contacts.

Facing backlash and user anger at the new changes in the app, WhatsApp is reportedly bringing back the old Status feature that allowed users to set up a text message as their status in their users profiles. Instead of calls, chats and contacts, there is something new that attracts our attention on Whatsapp application. The new tab gets added to the app similar to the chat tab. A Twitter handle called WABetaInfo which gathers information about beta versions of WhatsApp on all platforms has found that WhatsApp has included the status feature and called it "Tagline" in the beta version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone (2.17.82), iOS (2.17.6) and Android. At the same time, company removed the old "status" feature that was part of user profile. The feature is still hidden in the beta version and there is a possibility that the feature might or might not make it to the app ultimately. Meanwhile, many appreciated the new feature but lament the loss of old text Status feature and removal of Contacts tab from the main navigation bar. It would have been better if the company have kept both the features. However in the process, regular text status updates were gone. But that is not the point.

WhatsApp 'Tagline' Update May Bring Back Text Statuses

Yesterday, WhatsApp users across the world were surprised to see their contacts/favourites tab replaced with Status tab where they could see Live Stories style status updates from their contacts.

WABetainfor, a user on twitter posted that WhatsApp is working to bringing back the text status yet again.

  • Carolyn Briggs