What movies to binge watch before Sunday's Oscars

He was considered the frontrunner for a long time, and then suddenly Denzel wins the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

And Hidden Figures is breaking barriers too.

The fifth nominee for best original song is "Can't Stop the Feeling" from another animated film - Trolls.

Predicting the winners of the Oscars every time it goes around is the favorite pastime of movie pundits and analysts.

After two years of entirely white nominees in the acting categories the Academy was forced to respond, bringing in 683 new members in an effort to diversify. It could have easily went 10 deep and still not covered everyone. It's a hard thing to do, and perhaps even harder to recognize and fully appreciate. Denzel Washington, Ruth Negga, Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis and Mahershala Ali are all nominated for awards in their films, too, a significant increase in minority nominations from past year. Her nomination was a big surprise, so Negga very likely won't win.

The People's Choice Awards seems more in tune with those who love movies.

If there is an upset here it won't be Portman, but likely Isabelle Huppert for "Elle". The night's only drama will mostly come in the few categories that are "La La Land" free. I've been wrong two years in a row voting for films that I wanted to win. This year, indies like Moonlight and Hell or High Water had their profiles raised tremendously, leading folks who maybe wouldn't necessarily feel inclined to see them to seek them out. Ultimately, 40 percent of the 800 people surveyed said actually seeing any of the Best Picture nominees had no bearing on their decision to watch the Oscars. Like Bridges, he takes a role that could have been a stereotype and makes it into something much more complex. "You're not going to pay for your mortgage when putting money down on the Oscars", he told Inverse. (In order to qualify for the Academy Awards, it also had a theatrical run in NY and Los Angeles.) At 467 minutes, it could become the longest Oscar victor ever, beating out the 1969 Best Foreign Language Film victor War and Peace (431 minutes).

Writing (Adapted Screenplay) - "Moonlight" is as delicate a piece of writing as I can imagine in a screenplay. Will win: Davis. Should win: Davis.

That does not necessarily mean, however, that the president won't take to Twitter to react to any "Meryl Streep moment" - she hit out at Trump in a speech at the Golden Gloves that won praise and criticism. That would have cleared the way for the deserving Michelle Williams from "Manchester By The Sea".

  • Salvatore Jensen