Watch Ellen DeGeneres Give College Scholarships To A Whole Senior Class

An entire class of seniors at a NY high school received the shock of a lifetime while being featured on Ellen Degeneres' talk show.

The comedian and host is known for her philanthropic acts, but as she noted - this is the biggest gift the show has ever given, worth $1.6million.

At the beginning of February, DeGeneres had two teachers from Brooklyn's Summit Academy Charter School on the show, and they talked about how their school is in one of Brooklyn's most under-served areas, where just 4% of the adults in the community have gone to college.

In an episode that aired Thursday, the school's entire senior class came on set, with three of them sitting down with DeGeneres, before her surprise, to describe the impact the school has had on their lives.

The school saw 93 percent of students from the class of 2016 find their way into college programmes.

'I'm next, I'm not going to be a disappointment. The school's founder, Natasha Campbell, and principal, Cheryl Lundy Swift, appeared on the show at the time. "I'm going to be somebody", she continued, to thunderous applause. DeGeneres first started working with Summit Academy when she got Walmart to give the school a $25,000 donation. "We are a family", he said, crediting the school for giving him aspirations beyond high school.

"We're gonna make it happen", one student said.

The school's mission is to have their students "attend, excel and graduate from college".

  • Julie Sanders