Samsung Galaxy S8 Features That Could Steal iPhone 8 Buyers

The standard sized Galaxy S8, by contrast, is expected to have a screen around 5.7-inches in size - still larger than its predecessor's 5.5-inch screen. Well, Samsung just released Secure Folder, which gives you a "private, encrypted space" to store sensitive data in.

Secure Folder is derived from Knox, the company's secure platform for business users, and can be seen as a consumer-focused iteration.

Samsung finally rolls out the Secure Folder app for its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones. The app essentially adds an extra layer of security to a user's personal data such as photos and documents. They can also make copies of their favorite apps and easily access them via alternate profiles. These might deliver decent sound quality, but only time will tell how many other accessories will you have to purchase after you've ended up buying the Galaxy S8.

You can simply slide the content you want to secure into the folder, or can select the proprietary "Move to Secure Folder" in stock TouchWiz apps.

Furthermore, you can customize the name and icon, or simply hide your folder in the Quick Panel. For example, a user could copy Twitter to a Secure Folder, and use that copy of the app for a separate account that wouldn't be accessible from the original app on the home screen. After all, previous reports stated that Samsung is not quite done with the Note line and a phablet-sized flagship phone would essentially render any Note device in the future redundant. Fortunately, Samsung is bucking that trend by launching Secure Folder support for its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones.

However, the flow doesn't seem to cease at all as another rumor about a Samsung device has popped up. A Book settings app on it revealed details for the device, which include an AMOLED display and stylus connectivity.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 might be one of the first devices to launch with what many analysts are calling a next-generation design.

  • Carolyn Briggs