Paris mayor fires back at Donald Trump

The mayor of Paris was quick to clap back after President Donald Trump spoke ill of her city on Friday.

The President insinuated the French capital was no longer a safe destination for USA tourists in a speech delivered at the Conservative Political Action Conference, when he referred his friend "Jim", who he said frequently visited the French city, but has not been for the past four or five years. I think that it is never good to show the smallest defiance toward an allied country.

"To Donald Trump and his friend Jim, in the Eiffel Tower, we celebrate the dynamism and the spirit of openness of Paris with Mickey and Minnie", Hidalgo tweeted.

This year, he stroked cows, spoke of his enthusiasm for meat and sampled a variety of milks.

"For years, every year during the summer, he would go to Paris, was automatic [sic] with his wife and his family. Here, you don't have people with guns opening fire on the crowd simply for the satisfaction of causing drama and tragedy", Hollande said, responding to questions during a visit at the Paris Agric fair.

"Take a look at what's happened in France".

Trump's criticism of Paris comes in the wake of other remarks about rising crime in Sweden and Germany. I have a friend, he's a very, very substantial guy. "Take a look at Nice and Paris", the president said, in an apparent reference to last year's Bastille Day attack in Nice and the 2015 Paris attacks.

Trump often mentions the Paris anecdote when he talks about keeping terrorists out of the US.

Asked about the comments, Hollande said Trump had recently told him in a telephone conversation of his "love" for Paris and France. If it is what he thinks, I expect he will express that.

  • Leroy Wright