Oscars 2017: By The Numbers

While Barry Jenkin's stunning film was a serious early threat to take down La La Land, it's poor showing at numerous most recent award shows including the BAFTA's has left some doubt as to how much love it'll receive from Oscar.

For 2016 films, we won't know the actual worldwide box office figures until later in 2017, once the nominated films are distributed, but from the current figures the movies "Lion", "Hacksaw Ridge" and "La La Land" are the only ones to generate over 50% of their revenue internationally.

"La La Land" was the little Hollywood throwback that could, having earned almost $300 million against a $30 million budget. In addition, the theater will roll out its new espresso drink, "a State creation that should be nominated for best coffee drink - ever", Richardson said.

The movie has become a darling among critics and audiences.

"This is not a prank", Jimmy Kimmel tweeted in December.

"La La Land" is a classic, a Hollywood musical they don't make anymore. We see you. We love you. Also receiving eight nominations is Arrival for production design, cinematography, sound, best picture and director (Denis Villeneuve). And it could easily equal or better the record of 11 wins for Titanic, The Return of the King and Ben-Hur. Emma Stone is expected to receive the Academy Award for Best Actress and Damien Chazelle for Best Director.

When filling out an Oscar ballot, most people will skip over, or take a guess who will win, the lesser-known categories such as live-action short, or documentary short. Earlier this month, Variety opened up a poll for best actress and asked the people to vote.

Going into Oscar season back in September, Lonergan felt like the shoo-in for both Original Screenplay and Director - maybe losing some edge on the latter to Chazelle.

Denzel Washington took a Pulitzer Prize-winning play in which he and Viola Davis had starred on Broadway and brought it to the screen. Exceptions to this are "Slumdog Millionaire", which made $141 million.

Frozen composer Robert Lopez was just 38 when he achieved the coveted "grand slam" of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony wins a few years ago, with "Let It Go" for Best Original Song. But this category could give us the surprise of the evening: Former victor Jeff Bridges is nominated for Hell or High Water, Lucas Hedges was great as a troubled teen in Manchester By The Sea, and Michael Shannon was superb in Nocturnal Animals.

The nominees for Best Actress in the 89 Oscars are Meryl Streep who starred in "Florence Foster Jenkins", Emma Stone for her role in "La La Land", Natalie Portman who starred in "Jackie", Ruth Negga for her part in "Loving", and Isabelle Huppert who starred in "Elle".

  • Salvatore Jensen