Leaked Nintendo Switch consoles originally stolen from distributer

NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot recently sent the gaming world into a frenzy when he showed off some leaked images of Nintendo's upcoming console Switch. Nintendo will be showcasing that trio of games along with the over 60 (and counting) other indie titles coming to Switch over the next year in a special "Nindies Showcase" broadcast this Tuesday, February 28, at 9 AM PST.

Nintendo also revealed some new Nindie launch titles today: Shin'en Multimedia's Fast RMX racing competition and two Shovel Knight games from Yacht Club Games, Specter of Torment and Treasure Trove. The video game company says that it plans to share more information about the service in the future.

One of the last big Switch questions has been resolved, with Nintendo sending out a press release detailing the imminent system's eShop.

Those hoping to build up a substantial digital library on Nintendo Switch will definitely need to invest in a Micro SDXC card, which are supported in sizes up to 2TB on the new console.

Nintendo Switch is approximately one week away from launching.

People who already have funds in their accounts on other Nintendo devices can access them using a shared wallet that works on Nintendo Switch as well. Since then FloKO has also uploaded a video where he has unboxed a Nintendo Switch, and has tried to give a complete analysis by diving into the system menus. One Joy-Con on each side means you can just settle down with what finally feels like a good size of handheld console. According to WIRED, initial sales will determine the number of publishers that will develop more games for the console. Are you going to try and get a Switch at midnight? This would mean that consumers who bought more than one Nintendo Switch consoles will need to purchase the same games a few times.

Perhaps users can migrate their Nintendo Accounts over to another Switch and activate it as the primary account to transfer game licenses over, thereby being able to re-download all old games.

We'll bring you a recap of the special following its airing.

  • Arturo Norris