Kim Jong-un's brother killed WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION

Last week, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's half brother, Kim Jong Nam, was assassinated in Malaysia by a chemical weapon.

Preliminary analysis found traces of VX nerve agent on Kim's eyes and face.

Absorbed in large doses, it is fatal after 15 minutes, according to the US Army's Edgewood Chemical Biological Centre, making it the most toxic known nerve agent in the world.

It is believed that the nerve agent was used by Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria and was classified as a chemical weapon.

Police said they were investigating whether the chemical was brought into Malaysia or made in the country.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said police have also asked Interpol to issue an alert for four North Korean men who left Malaysia the same day Kim Jong-nam was attacked by the two women.

Jong-nam sought help at a customer service counter at the airport and was rushed to the Putrajaya Hospital but died on the way.

"The ambassador has been informed of the process involved [in the police investigation], but he continues to be delusional, and spew lies and accusations against the government of Malaysia", Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs Anifah Aman said.

Malaysian police earlier announced that the four had already arrived in Pyongyang, but it had remained unclear why they made such a long detour via the Middle East and Russian Federation.

Leaked CCTV footage showed two women approaching the heavy-set 45-year old and appearing to push something in his face.

"If you have nothing to hide, you should not be afraid to cooperate, you should cooperate", Khalid said.

Khairy said FAM would consult AFC before deciding whether the Malaysian football team would travel to Pyongyang to play North Korea in an Asian Cup 2019 Group B qualifier.

It turned out to be better at killing people than pests, and was used as a nerve agent by several countries during the Cold War.

Symptoms of exposure can set in within seconds of contamination but may take hours. It's also closely related to sarin, another well-known nerve agent.

A plant-based drug called atropine, used in hospitals for dilating pupils for eye examinations, treating low heart rate and other purposes, can act as an antidote, but it has to be injected nearly immediately in the case of VX poisoning.

There is an antidote to VX that can be given by injection. The North could have up to 5,000 tons, South Korea said in a biennial defense white paper.

The two female suspects - one Vietnamese and the other Indonesian - are in police detention along with a North Korean man.

Its lethality has sparked strict controls under United Nations resolutions and the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, with the US, Russia and Syria previously known to be among the countries possessing it.

  • Julie Sanders