Immature Rahul Gandhi is trending: Here is why

Highlighting former Delhi chief minister and Congress leader Sheila Dikshit's comment that party vice president Rahul Gandhi lacks maturity, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Amit Shah on Friday wondered why the Gandhi scion was being forced into the state. "Is this a political laboratory or learning ground for someone?"

Rahul Gandhi also said that the voice of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was "feebler even than that of a mouse". "Rahul is still not mature, his age does not allow him to be mature". Shah also said that UP faces numerous problems and it will take men of steel to solve them. He is his forties.

"If you go anywhere in Uttar Pradesh and ask any youth what he or she does, 90 per cent would say "nothing, we do not have jobs here", Gandhi pointed out.

Now this has come as an embarrassment she appeared to be attacking the Samajwadi Party which is in power in UP and incidentally the Congress party's alliance partner for the assembly elections 2017. Please give him time.

Barbs have flown back and forth.

She had said, in a newspaper interview, that Rahul is not a mature politician and needed more time.

The stakes are high with the Uttar Pradesh election pegged as a bellwether for the national elections in 2019. ". I don't know how much (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi will fulfill the Mahatma's dream".

Rahul Gandhi has a history of being in the news for all the wrong reasons.

UP is voting in seven rounds, four of which have already been completed.

  • Leroy Wright