Ian McShane says Game of Thrones fans need to "get af*cking life"

You want to say, "Have you thought about your lifestyle?"

McShane didn't earn any points with ticked-off fans when he then revealed that his character was going to die - before the season even started.

The latest has the always watchable Deadwood and John Wick star sounding very much in curmudgeonly character during an interview in the April edition of Empire Magazine (not online).

Previously, McShane let slip that the Hound was returning to Game Of Thrones before it was officially announced, which no doubt pissed off a number of executives at HBO and half the Internet trying to avoid potential GoT spoilers.

Speaking to The Telegraph previous year about the spoiler, he said: 'You say the slightest thing and the internet goes ape.

"It's only t**s and dragons", he had told The Telegraph previous year after being accused of giving away the plot for the sixth season.

Not amused: 'Can you believe it? In response to the fan backlash, he told them to calm the hell down, that the show was "just tits and dragons". He made the news when he dropped the spoiler about a "beloved character" returning, and that character turned out to be The Hound. Get a f***ing life!" says the actor, adding: "The show is huge but some fans seem to identify with it [too closely].

Apparently McShane caught some heat for spoiling that big reveal, but he's not feeling too guilty about it, reportedly telling Empire of the fans, "Firstly, you love it. Maybe you should get out a little more'".

But he wasn't done there: 'And what am I giving away? Or do you simply think the Game of Thrones actor was being snarky? Back in the 1980's, William Shatner went on Saturday Night Live to say something rather similar to obsessed Trekkies.

  • Salvatore Jensen