Girl Scout cookies have arrived

A local girl scout troop has been working on proper table etiquette, and on Thursday afternoon, they had the chance to show what they've learned. The girls were allowed to bring one guest. "I thought "I duplicate so many things on my doughnuts, why not try duplicating the flavor of the Girl Scout cookies?'" Dedemona tells Bustle in an interview".

The troop Esther Slaughter leader said it's important for the girls to know life skills.

The GS goodie empire has expanded recently with the addition of Girl Scout cookie cereal, and now, one donut shop in Oakhurst, New Jersey has just given us another reason to give a shout-out to the troops: Girl Scout cookie DONUTS.

The Girl Scouts learn valuable lessons in this cookie-selling program, including goal-setting, decision-making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

Dalia, whose daughter was a Girl Scout growing up, has always loved the classic cookies. Each of the doughnuts was said to actually taste like the actual cookie, as well. Girl Scout Cookie Booth sales begin March 3 and run through March 26. The Samosa doughnut, for example, comes with toasted coconut and chocolate and caramel drizzled over the top.

"I have gotten to go to Disney World with Girl Scouts".

  • Larry Hoffman