French Court Accuses Marine Le Pen's Personal Assistant

Marine Le Pen today refused to meet with investigating magistrates who are probing allegations of expenses irregularities within her party.

After the meeting, Macron, standing alongside Bayrou, told reporters he stood between France and a Le Pen regime of "fear".

The youthful Marion Maréchal-Le Pen has become one of the most prominent politicians in the anti-establishment Front National and is one of the most visible faces in her aunt's campaign for the French presidency. Fillon would get 57 percent to Le Pen's 43 percent in the May 7 second round, it showed.

If run-off polling remains as reliable as it has been in previous French elections, Ms Le Pen's implied chances of becoming president rest under 5%.

France's far-right presidential front runner Marine Le Pen sounded a full-throated rejection of global trade deals and multilateral governance, defending in soaring terms Thursday the importance of cultural identity and national independence.

Macron says he wants to transcend the classic left-right divide in French politics and has drawn huge crowds to rallies that easily equal those of his closest rivals.

The Saudi Arabian ambassador was among them as well as a US embassy official, according to Bertrand Dutheil de la Rochere of Le Pen's National Front party.

After betting markets were surprised by the Brexit vote and the unexpected victory of Donald Trump, punters are playing Ms Le Pen's odds cautiously, putting them anywhere between 28-43% (the wide gap in price between different markets represents manna for arbitrageurs).

She described a stark vision based on a multipolar world but with France going it alone, first laid out in a conference this month when her platform was made public.

But the election is still widely seen as the most open in decades.

"What is at stake in this whether France can still be a free nation". Mr Macron was president François Hollande's eminence grise at the Elysée advising him on economic reform before serving as economy minister from 2014 to this year. But underlying inflation is not higher than it was a year ago.

French expats living in London have been told by one of the candidates in the Presidential election to move back to France.

PARIS Feb 24 Fidelity International fund manager David Simner said on Friday he would continue to have a "healthy" allocation to French bonds and would look to buy up more, arguing there were reasons to be relatively upbeat on the asset despite political uncertainty. In the New Zealand futures markets at, Le Pen is actually ahead by 39% to 36% over Macron.

  • Leroy Wright