Facebook Wants To Livestream One MLB Game Per Week

The players' association has agreed to Major League Baseball's proposal to have intentional walks without pitches this year.

While many who think baseball is excruciatingly long love the move, those in the baseball world are not too thrilled with the rule change.

Major League Baseball has made quite a few changes over the last few seasons.

Overall, Manfred aims to improve the pace of Major League Baseball games.

"I don't think that's fair", says Chicago White Sox closer David Robertson. Commissioner Rob Manfred said earlier this week that he hoped talks would lead to an agreement on other rule changes but also said clubs would reserve the right to act independently.

The least controversial change appears to be allowing a team to call for an intentional walk without the pitcher having to throw pitches.

Facebook has also streamed global basketball games, soccer matches and table tennis over the last several months. Live-streaming games will always be crucial, as sports are some of the last events people still want to witness in real time.

According to baseball insiders, this rule change would save a whole minute of dead time per intentional walk.

"There's a variety of changes that can be undertaken, " Manfred said.

"We intend to pursue our agenda for change into Year 2 of that process for the benefit of the game and the benefit of our fans", he said.

"When a guy hits a home run, to speed up the game should he - just like in softball - just walk to the dugout?" The first National Football League game to be streamed on Twitter, for example, drew more than 2.3 million viewers. "It'd be quicker. I'm just wondering, at what point do we just keep the game, the game?"

Here is the time Miguel Cabrera had an RBI single while he was being intentionally walked. We're Doing Something™! Something much more meaningful that they could do would be to figure out a way to shorten commercial breaks between innings and replace the missing spots with in-game (maybe even interactive) advertisements of some sort.

  • Julie Sanders