Dozens of civilians killed in vehicle bomb blast in al-Bab

"The northeast neighborhood of the town has not been combed yet", said Rami Abdulrahman, head of the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a group that has monitors on the ground across the country.

A suicide bomber attacked Turkish-backed rebels just outside the Syrian town of Al-Bab on Friday, killing 42 people and injured dozens more sources said.

Meanwhile, a separate attack near IS-controlled Tadif, south of al Bab killed two Turkish soldiers, according to Mr Yildirim.

The wounded Turkish soldiers were brought to a hospital, they status is stable, said the surgeons.

The rebels say they are now working to clear the heavily mined town. "Therefore we have many civilian casualties".

"They have been waiting for this moment [to return home]".

The campaign to liberate al-Bab proved to be one of the bloodiest in Turkey's campaign in Syria, with at least 69 Turkish soldiers killed there.

Turkey has been fighting alongside rebel forces in Syria since August, as part of its Operation Euphrates Shield, meant to drive terrorist forces away from the Turkish border.

"A small civilian pick-up truck reached the gathering and went off at the security checkpoint", al-Tawil said over the telephone from Sousian.

Video footage released by Syrian rebel fighters shows bursts of gunfire amongst the deserted and destroyed streets of al-Bab.

Turkey said forces had entered the center of al-Bab.

A final push to capture al-Bab was launched earlier this month, but initial progress was stymied by dense IS fortifications, tunnel networks and IEDs.

Turkey sent troops into Syria last August in an operation it said targeted not only IS but also US-backed Kurdish fighters whom it regards as terrorists.

The delegations will not negotiate directly, and Staffan de Mistura, the U.N.'s special envoy to Syria, is not "expecting a breakthrough".

  • Leroy Wright