Chris Brown blames middlemen for cancellation of Soulja Boy fight

Brown's notoriety for violent behavior hit new heights back in 2009, when pictures of a bruised and battered Rihanna hit the headlines.

After Chris Brown officially confirmed that he's chose to bow out of a hyped fight between him and Soulja Boy, the rapper took to social media to respond.

According to TMZ, a court has ordered Brown to steer clear of his ex-girlfriend.

"I backed out of this Soulja Boy fight and let me tell you why", Chris Brown said.

As reported in the Daily Beast, Karrueche has filed a restraining order against Brown. I'm gonna make you miserable. "This is why I've made a decision to finally go through with the restraining order because he is starting to take action on his words".

"They are my family and I don't want them at risk", Tran wrote. She's now backing Karrueche due to the hate that's come her way since filing the restraining order.

Eight years after he brutally assaulted Rihanna in a widely publicized incident, Chris Brown has been accused of physically abusing another woman: His ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. "He's been calling and texting her whenever he gets lonely or whenever he hears she's dating another guy", a source previously told That's huge for him because he wants her to know that he's serious about her and is not creeping and having other females in his house. However, like most neighbors, she thought at the time that it was none of her business.

In interviews conducted early on in his career, Brown talked about seeing his mom abused by his stepfather, and the effect of domestic violence on his childhood.

If those comments are an accurate representation of Rihanna's views, it hardly indicates that she will be rushing back into Brown's arms anytime soon. In a video clip posted on his Instagram page, Brown also confirmed his upcoming tour with 50 Cent, French Montana, Fabolous and more. "The Party Tour" has 33 dates scheduled across the USA, there have been no announcements about the tour venturing beyond North America.

  • Salvatore Jensen