AP Oscar predictions: What will win, what should win

Looks a genuine coin flip.

Director Damien Chazelle of "La La Land" speaks onstage.

When it comes to Oscar categories, some have always been easier to predict winners in than others.

Q3. Will Hacksaw Ridge win an Oscar? For example, an actor with numerous previous wins has a lower chance of winning again, while movies gunning for Best Picture are more likely to win if they are nominated in other categories.

Analysts are backing "La La Land", which stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as an aspiring actress and a struggling jazz musician who fall in love in Los Angeles, to win most of the awards for which it is nominated. Maybe Sound Editing will save the day for Mel! While Casey Affleck was voted for best actor, Emma Stone garnered almost half of the votes for best actress.

How long is a piece of string? Possible Suicide Squad 2 director Mel Gibson and Moonlight's Barry Jenkins are tied for second most likely victor, each with a 1 percent probability of winning.

This year, Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting the awards show for the first time.

This is settled on first laugh.

"Nocturnal Animals" was not a particularly well-received film, although I liked it, and I would be surprised if Michael Shannon won the award.

You're wrong. Each and every one of you. Affleck won BAFTA, arguably in part because Washington wasn't nominated there.

The film, which stars Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae, is up for three Oscars including best picture and best adapted screenplay. "We have planned for all contingencies, from protests to even a potential terrorist attack and that is all built into the security plan, which is built on concentric rings of security", Chow said. Toss a coin and pick one of them.

Observing its universally triumphant run through the primary-like early awards season on its way to what will likely amount to a huge Electoral College win at the Academy Awards, I have to admit that I can not see it through any relevant present lens.

Well you can bank on La La Land, but who else?

From a whimsical Hollywood musical to a lyrical, coming-of-age tale about a black man growing up in Miami and a blood-soaked war movie, the contenders for best picture at this year's Oscars offer an array of stories. It deserves it. 2.it's giving just about everything else to "La La Land" 3.

Q9. Who will win Best Documentary Short? The White Helmets is the big challenger but with Joe's Violin also in the mix, it's a decision as to whether to back the shorty or take the risk on a less likely victor with a tempting multiplier.

There are approximately 11 discontinued categories, including Best Assistant Director, discontinued in 1937, and Best Unique and Artistic Picture, which was only honored in 1928.

  • Salvatore Jensen