Virtual Console Not Coming to the Switch

It's also tremendously disappointing because this is far from the first game console where Nintendo's long-running Virtual Console service has launched.

The Virtual Console, however, will not be present at launch, but Nintendo said it will confirm its arrival at a later date. Those will be coming later, including Virtual Console stuff.

Those hoping to build up a substantial digital library on Nintendo Switch will definitely need to invest in a Micro SDXC card, which are supported in sizes up to 2TB on the new console. Priced at $299, the Nintendo console will have a handful of original and ported games available at launch. The company did not immediately respond to a request by Fortune for comment.

Nintendo has announced new details about the Nintendo eShop and its readiness ahead of the Switch console launch.

Nintendo has announced three more indie titles that will be launching on the Switch's digital eShop on March 3rd, and that it will be home to over 60 "Nindie" titles by the end of this year. Nintendo does promise to share more information on this in the future, though. While launches come and go and the Nintendo Switch games list will expand as time rolls on, there's at least one more game we can add to the list: Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight.

The good news is that Nintendo will finally tie eShop purchases to Nintendo Network IDs, instead of specific consoles. Thankfully this will download in the background and install quickly. It's not clear how much that service costs, but Nintendo's promising a classic game each month - games from the Virtual Console - as part of the service. This series of linking profiles will enable you to access a "wallet" shared between Nintendo devices to which your account is linked. Games can now be ordered via Nintendo's website so they can automatically download to the Switch, provided there is a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Carolyn Briggs