Team weighs in on trade

Cousins was introduced in New Orleans at a press conference on Wednesday morning.

Perhaps the trade to New Orleans will begin a new chapter for Cousins, as another superstar player that recently started with a new team praised his first public appearance with his new team. This is real life. And the Pelicans may be hanging a championship banner at some point, too. With the two of them joining forces, who knows what the Pelicans will be capable of! I don't want to discuss the process.

"I really love DeMarcus".

Just ask Michael Stanfield, senior vice president of sales for both the Pelicans and the Saints.

Those numbers could increase significantly, not only with the presence of the All-Star combination in the frontcourt, but with the crisp passing of Cousins.

"I never thought something like that could happen, like him [Cousins] and AD [Davis] together". This has the same writing on the wall. He's simply not a victor, which is why he was traded, and also why the Pelicans won't immediately become a better team now that he's there. "It's going to be scary to see, when all three of us are rolling in one game".

It gives Thursday's game an nearly opening night kind of feel.

When the regular season resumes on Thursday night, Israel's first, and now only National Basketball Association player, Omri Casspi, will enter arguably the most important stretch of his career.

Also, the Sixers own the Kings' pick in 2019.

Cousins said he was disappointed initially when he learned of the trade.

"You can't win if you don't have a culture". For these critics, it wasn't enough that the Kings are making a playoff push. "I would hope (the trade) will have a positive affect on his career".

Cousins knows he is exactly where he is supposed to do.

It's been a tough few days in Sacramento.

"It's good", D'Antoni said. "I guess I wasn't paying attention, but all the signs were there".

The Kings acquired Bogdanovic in draft-day deal with Phoenix in part because the team believed it could make the playoffs this season and would lose its draft pick.

Cousins was also quick to say he's tuning out all of the outside noise from his past in Sacramento. If you want to double DeMarcus, AD's open. Darren Collison watched his two best friends on the team leave on a plane for New Orleans.

"It's been an emotional roller-coaster", Cousins said.

Since news of the trade hit Monday, Pelicans fans have been gobbling up tickets.

Cousins plans to bring that same energy he played with in Sacramento to New Orleans. He did so with full knowledge that changes might come much sooner than some might expect. I've seen it before. "That's the way I play and that's what makes me the player I am". But he's putting that behind him.

"I haven't had another guy, besides Jrue, who's been one of the premier guys in the league", Davis said. "This is a business". I'm comfortable with it. That's a lot of money to miss on, though Cousins will still make a large sum of money no matter where he lands.

He'll be in a new uniform.

But there's a reason the Pelicans got Cousins for 50 cents on the dollar.

  • Julie Sanders