Pyne hits back at Abbott's criticism of PM

Mr Bernardi reportedly approached Malcolm Turnbull with the news before he defected from the Liberal Party in early February.

Mr Abbott said nearly 40 percent of Australians "couldn't bring themselves to vote for either of the two parties who have governed us for 100 years".

"Over the last six months or so, since the election, we have achieved more with fewer seats than we did in the previous three years", he told reporters on Friday.

"We are acting and we're getting things done".

Theresa May and her Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull have compared notes on their contacts with US President Donald Trump since his inauguration last month.

I have not talked about abolishing the life gold pass for former MPs and ministers.

"I think the views he expressed would be shared by many, many people in Australia and in the parliament".

The federal government has indicated the 23 per cent-by-2020 RET, set during the former prime minister's tenure, will not be altered.

"I haven't talked about restoring the rule of law the building sector, I've done it".

"I'm just saddened by his decision to provide more and more destructive commentary".

In a sign a return to the leadership was on his radar, Mr Abbott set out ideas on how to take the fight to Labor and win back Coalition voters thinking of defecting to Pauline Hanson's One Nation.

Finance minister Matthias Cormann said he was'flabbergasted with Mr Abbott's interview and described it as'destructive and self-indulgent
Finance minister Matthias Cormann said he was'flabbergasted with Mr Abbott's interview and described it as'destructive and self-indulgent

Senior cabinet ministers, however, lined up to reject Abbott's conservative manifesto and gloomy assessment of the government's fortunes, with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann labelling it a "self-indulgent" and "deliberately destructive" intervention.

"Why not say to the people of Australia: "we'll cut the [Renewable Energy Target], to help with your power bills; we'll cut immigration, to make housing more affordable; we'll scrap the Human Rights Commission, to stop official bullying; we'll stop all new spending, to end ripping off our grandkids; and we'll reform the Senate to have government, not gridlock", he said.

He defended the immigration program as a "nation-building exercise" and a "question of getting the best and brightest of the world to meet the demands of our economy".

"I was flabbergasted by Tony Abbott's interview last night".

'Nothing good comes from an interview like that, ' he told Sky News.

But the MP said the former prime minister was becoming more and more frustrated with the Government's direction - and that frustration is feeding into his deep-seated anger about losing the top job.

The Prime Minister later said Senator Cormann had described the situation "perfectly" and reaffirmed his critique of Mr Abbott, declaring: "I don't think Australians were impressed by that latest outburst and I am not going to be distracted by it".

Therefore, when in Sydney, Mr Turnbull was not required to live in Kirribilli.

Reports earlier this month suggested that Mr Turnbull's first phone call with the United States president was a stormy affair, with Mr Trump supposedly criticising a deal to take migrants from Australia as "the worst ever" and ending the conversation abruptly.

"We won't be going down the track of putting a freeze on immigration for example, which Tony Abbott wants to do, because it would be catastrophic in places like the Northern Territory, Tasmania - most places outside the major cities", he said.

When asked if she thought Abbott was doing to the Liberal party what Kevin Rudd had done to the Labor party, Bishop said she didn't see it that way.

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