People told to unplug risky tumble dryers

Some of Whirlpool's dryer brands including Hotpoint, Indesit, and Creda now face a bit of scrutiny, as the dryers now carry a fire hazard.

Faulty tumble dryers, in which excess fluff can catch the heating element in the machine and cause a fire, have been linked to a number of recent blazes in British homes.

One machine awaiting fix caught fire in London last August, causing a blaze in a tower block, which took 120 firefighters to bring it under control.

You may continue to use your tumble dryer whilst waiting for the modification, however, we require that you do not leave your dryer unattended during operation as an extra precaution ( not leave the house or leave the dryer on whilst asleep).

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The BBC said Whirlpool had written to some 3.8 million owners of the affected dryers, advising them to unplug the appliances immediately, but noted that barely one-third have responded.

Whirlpool, which owns the affected brands, has written to 3.8 million customers to ask them to register for a fix, but only received 1.5 million responses. The company has re-written to them, offering to fix their machines.

The most up to date figures suggest that after a year Whirlpool has now fixed around 1.3m machines, meaning around almost 3m customers are still using faulty models. If your tumble dryer is affected by this issue then you should unplug it and do not use it until the modification has taken place.

It added: "Trading Standards confirmed, following an internal review by independent experts, that the modification programme remains the most effective way of resolving this issue".

"Trading Standards have also notified us that updated usage advice should be communicated to affected consumers". He in turn wrote to the chief executive and surprisingly enough we were contacted by the company who delivered a brand new tumble dryer and took the old one away. Since this safety notice was issued in November 2015, we have emphasised the importance of not using an affected machine due to the fire risk.

More than 40,000 people have signed an online petition calling on the government to force Whirlpool to recall millions of faulty tumble dryers.

We are activating an extensive consumer outreach and service action plan in order to provide our consumers with products that are updated to higher safety and quality standards.

A further 100,000 customers have registered, but not yet organised a fix.

Consumer organisation Which? has started legal action against Trading Standards for failing to get tougher with the company.

  • Zachary Reyes