Oscar Pix And Predix: Best Picture

Ms Stone, who has dominated the awards season, is expected to bag her first statuette despite late momentum for France's Golden Globe victor Isabelle Huppert, nominated for rape-revenge thriller "Elle". Possibility No. 2, you're all racists. Damien Chazelle's La La Land, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, tops the nominee list with 14 nominations including one for Best Picture.

And while she found magical musical La La Land - the favourite to win the top accolade this weekend -"tremendously enjoyable", she argued that it wasn't "that deep or memorable".

A number of actors are up for an Oscar including Denzel Washington in the best actor category, Viola Davis for supporting actress, Mahershala Ali for his supporting role in the movie "Moonlight".

It's front-runner status has led to some backlash, and there is still that lack of a best ensemble nod from the Screen Actors Guild ("Braveheart" is the only film to win best picture without a SAG ensemble nomination). I thought Meryl [Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins] played it like a clown - she's cute and adorable, but this woman didn't matter to me in the end - but people are gaga over Meryl, and I think she solidified her nomination when she gave that speech at the Golden Globes.

Kimmel: No. I think smart people know amusing is funny. It started in 1975 when moviegoers got to say what they like best about the year's movies. Last year's odds were seriously against Ex Machina winning Best Visual Effects, but it won.

The movies nominated for Best Picture in this year's Oscars are "Manchester by the Sea", "Moonlight", "Lion", "La La Land", "Hidden Figures", "Hell of High Water", "Hacksaw Ridge", "Fences", and "Arrival". Tom Hanks is the most popular male actor.

Rainy weather dampened the Academy Award festivities in both 2014 and 2015. Gwyneth Paltrow's Best Actress win for Shakespeare in Love made her America's Sweetheart (along with her pink dress that became an overnight sensation), while Good Will Hunting introduced us to the one-two punch that became Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. From there, you just need the right décor, the ideal menu, a decent television, and a good group of friends, and you're set. "I'm saying that because I don't know". Neither came close to getting noticed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or any other movie award groups.

Here's another interesting note.

How strong was this category this year?

  • Salvatore Jensen