Mexico voices 'irritation' as top Trump envoys visit

Mexico's Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray rejected President Donald Trump's deportation policy Wednesday that could send millions of immigrants, not just Mexicans, over the southern us border.

Tillerson described the U.S. -Mexico relationship as one of "vibrant colors" between sovereign countries that will "from time to time will have differences".

Mexican officials are also concerned with the Trump administration's effort to review all US aid to their country, fearing the money could be used to pay for a proposed border wall or used as leverage in negotiations. Tillerson said the leaders had agreed the trade relationship needed to be modernized and strengthened.

"It's significant that the president is sending the secretaries to Mexico so early in the administration".

Not to worry! From the cone of alternative facts known as the White House briefing room, press secretary Sean Spicer called U.S. -Mexico relations "phenomenal right now".

Mexican officials are also concerned about Mr Trump's pledge to renegotiate trade partnerships between the two countries. -Mexican relations, which have gone downhill quickly since Donald Trump was elected US president last November.

The visit by Tillerson and the head of homeland security, John Kelly, was meant to be a bridge-building exercise, to soothe fears aroused by Trump's racist rhetoric both on the campaign trail and during his continued demands that Mexico pay for a wall on the United States border.

Kelly plans to leave today for visits to both Guatemala and Mexico, where he'll be joined by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

"We're going to be spending the money in a very, very careful manner", said President Trump. So we're getting them out.

It was the first real working session between United States and Mexican authorities since Trump took office, and follows a slew of provocations by the new United States president.

Tillerson and Kelly met with Mexico's Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray and Interior Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong on Thursday, after which they spoke to reporters.

At the dawning of a new relationship between the USA and Mexico, here's what we are going to see.

The heated tone comes as Peña Nieto's government has reaped political rewards for standing up to Trump.

"While the visit will go some way to smoothing bilateral discussions, there is a hard-earned trust that has been broken, and that can't be repaired with a high level visit", O'Neil told VOA.

Kelly issued two implementation memos on President Trump's immigration executive orders Monday, stressing that "with extremely limited exceptions, DHS will not exempt classes or categories of removal aliens from potential enforcement".

"We have a very healthy and robust relationship with the Mexican government and Mexican officials, and I think they would echo that same sentiment", he added. "Both presidents are keen to set a positive tone, a constructive tone moving forward", the official added.

Mexico's lead negotiator with the Trump administration is slamming new rules from the United States that call for deporting undocumented immigrants to Mexico, regardless of whether they are citizens of that country. Kelly assured reporters that there would not be any mass deportations from the US, adding that "the focusing on getting criminal elements out of the country and deportations will be orderly and respectful of human rights", Carrie says.

The actions have generated alarm in other countries, none more so than Mexico - the origin of an estimated six million undocumented people in the United States.

  • Zachary Reyes