J&K government imposes restrictions on number of guests at weddings

Jammu and Kashmir government today re-announced a number of restrictions to curb what it called the wastage at social, government and private gatherings, especially weddings to prevent wastage of food.

Also, it has put a ban on the use of amplifiers, loud speakers and fire crackers at such events in the state.

In November, the five-day wedding of businessman and former Karnataka state minister G Janardhana Reddy's daughter, Brahmani, with an estimated cost of about 5bn [billion] rupees ($74m; £59m), prompted outrage as millions of Indians struggled with a cash flow crisis.

And only seven non-vegetarian and seven vegetarian dishes can be served to guests in addition to two sweet dishes. The number of guests to be invited on marriage of daughter, marriage of son and small functions like engagement of son or daughter and other small functions should be restricted to a maximum of 500, 400 and 100 respectively.

While explaining the bill, Consumer Affairs Ministry Choudhary Zulfikar Ali said loudspeakers and firecrackers will not be permitted in any private, social and government events. In small functions, only 100 guests are allowed.

Any amount of surplus food must be properly packed and distributed to old-age homes and other deserving people.

The order, which will come into effect in April this year, is similar to the one issued by Congress Minister Taj Mohidin in 2004.

According to the order, restrictions have been placed on sending dry fruits and candies along with invitation cards and use of loudspeakers in government or private social functions. District magistrates have been ordered to strictly implement the order and punish the violators. "We waste a lot of money on food", said Rubina Khan, a housewife from Srinagar.

  • Joanne Flowers