Is Jimmy Kimmel Planning to Roast Donald Trump at the Oscars?

It's front-runner status has led to some backlash, and there is still that lack of a best ensemble nod from the Screen Actors Guild ("Braveheart" is the only film to win best picture without a SAG ensemble nomination). The hardest part, he said, was telling his wife that he was going to do it.

Yeah, if a rape victim doesn't react enough for you, better slap her around a bit more.

Kimmel went on to explain why he won't be leaving late-night television anytime soon.

Ryan Reynolds took home the best actor award for Deadpool, which got tabbed - and rightfully so - as the year's best action movie.

In the directing category, Mel Gibson's surprise nomination for the critically acclaimed WWII biopic "Hacksaw Ridge" marks his comeback a decade after being ostracized by Hollywood for an anti-Semitic tirade. It basically cleaned up at the Golden Globes, winning everything from best motion picture (musical or comedy) to best director to best screenplay - and more. For the first time ever, there is at least one black nominee in each of the acting categories.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and star of Broadway's Hamilton, will perform Moana's Oscar-nominated song "How Far I'll Go" from Disney's Moana, which he wrote.

ABC News confirms reports that Damon is nominated for an Oscar as a producer for "Manchester by the Sea", starring Casey Affleck who happens to be the younger brother of "Good Will Hunting" star Ben Affleck.

Anytime Meryl Streep is up for a Best Actress award, you should usually take notice... except for this year.

She refers to Emma Stone as "the girl in La La Land", and adds that Emma will probably win even though she "doesn't think she was wonderful as people are saying". While Casey Affleck was voted for best actor, Emma Stone garnered almost half of the votes for best actress.

In contrast, "Gladiator" had made over $186 million at the domestic box office by the time the Oscars rolled around, while "Forrest Gump" had made over $300 million and "Titanic" was nearing $400 million.

The category has been dominated by European movies.

Jimmy Kimmel has the hardest job in show business: Hosting the Oscars Sunday on ABC.

  • Leroy Wright