'How to Get Away with Murder' season 3 finale: Who killed Wes?

Initially, we thought A.D.A Todd Denver had something to do with hiring the hitman (Dominic) because Connor found a burner phone in his desk - the same one used to call Atwood just before she had Wes' body cremated - but in a last minute reveal, we discovered that Dominic was calling Laurel's dad to confirm he had killed Wes. We went straight to the source to get some of Karla Souza's theories about why Mr. Castillo (Esai Morales) had Laurel's boyfriend murdered - and where Season 4 will take that story arc. She wanted to protect him, but in doing so it lead to his eventual downfall. For me, he was just her son in every way that it counted.

You may very well want to start preparing yourself now. He seems to love her deeply, but has trouble putting that love above his own interests most of the time.

While Frank remains one of the characters who may have likely had something to do with Wes's death, Annalise needs him - now, more than ever - to take the fall for her.

She knows a lot of bad things about his business and, like any child when you see that your parent is a bad person, maybe she tried to escape it and just turn a blind eye because she knew there was nothing she could do about it. I think when you're angry, and going through grief, you really are willing to say anything to hurt people - and feel like you can get stuff off your chest, and bring justice. I think a little break from all the baggage of the past, this gives them a little bit of a break and allows them to pursue life in other ways. The process of grief is one that I've been through in my life. "She has nothing to lose now and she's really becoming a lot ballsier". It was featured on "How To Get Away With Murder" season 3's last week episode that Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) has looked through the phone of Annalise, found out that she called Connor that night, and made a decision to know more about where his lover really was during that time. Falahee still thinks that Connor doesn't actually hate Wes although he appears to have loathed him and argued that he's been acting that way because he only cares about the latter and now he's dead.

Now for the most important information of all, the tune-in details!

HTGAWM finally returns to screen tomorrow, January 26, after a long mid-season break, and the latest How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 spoilers reveal that Annalise's mom will come running to her daughter's side after finding out that the latter has just been jailed for murder. I know it sounds very bad.

  • Salvatore Jensen