Houston's traffic NOT the worst in the world

The report, by transportation analytics company INRIX Inc., said the congestion wasted time and fuel and caused businesses to charge more for goods and services, costing the typical area driver an estimated $1,760, not far off from what the average area tenant pays for a month's rent.

The study looked at traffic in and around a total of 1,064 cities worldwide across 38 countries. According to the INRIX 2016 Global Traffic Scorecard, I-35 through Austin is the sixth most congested road in the country.

For example, New York City has the highest daytime congestion on arterials and city streets, while San Francisco holds the top spot at peak times. "The cost of this congestion is staggering, stripping the economy of billions, impacting businesses and costing consumers dearly", commented Graham Cookson, Chief Economist at connected vehicle specialist Inrix.

Los Angeles was No. 1 in all categories.

While Greater Boston's traffic is frustrating, other drivers have it worse. Cities were ranked by the time the average commuter spent in congestion at the busiest time of day.

Phoenix and Detroit tied for the lowest cost of congestion among the top 25 US cities, at $1,062 per driver, and rank among the bottom in all three categories of costs: commuting, business and leisure/other. It ranked 16th with an average of 59.4 hours stuck in traffic. The study says highways in and out of Austin have a congestion rate of 28 percent.

  • Salvatore Jensen