Halo 6 to reportedly support split-screen gameplay

Now that everyone can fire up PSN or Xbox LIVE for their multiplayer needs, split-screen FPS gaming is pretty much dead. They just go together so well and have provided millions with a tasty and nutritional meal.I mean, a fun evening killing each other.Maybe PB&J has lead to a death or two.I have no idea where I'm going with this metaphor.

343 Industries studio head Bonnie Ross confirms that all future Halo FPS games will have split-screen.

At DICE, Ross spoke about 343 Industries' efforts to evolve the Halo series since the studio was established in 2007. I think it's incredibly painful for the community and for us.

Huzzahs all around, says I. Now if we can do something about these AI squadmates - seriously Linda, I gave you a Sniper Rifle, why are you running toward the bad guys - then we'll be all set for Halo 6 or whatever it ends up being called when it's officially announced. While the game was in development, a 343 developer told fans via Twitter that Halo 5 would include split-screen modes, but the studio eventually walked that statement back. (This month's Halo Wars 2 is the first true "Play Anywhere" game in the Halo series.) We have reached out to Microsoft to seek clarification, and we will update this report with any response. Ross said not including split-screen in Halo 5 was one of the "painful learnings" that Microsoft faced after taking over ownership of the Halo brand from Bungie.

Online multiplayer is more-so aimed at creating anti-social environments than they are at being conducive for pro-social interaction. "You know when we fell down with the multiplayer launch of [Halo: The Master Chief Collection], or when we didn't put split screen in with Halo 5". Clearly, the backlash had an impact on the success of the game - and the developers at 343.

  • Arturo Norris