Grab your unique Nintendo User ID before it's too late

While we may not see more games announced for launch, we should at least learn what indie titles to expect for the Switch throughout 2017.

Other retailers including Best Buy - also hosting midnight launch events - Amazon, Walmart and Target will also carry the Switch, Nintendo's first console in more than four years.

Nintendo is coming close to releasing its next-generation gaming console with each passing day. Based on preorder numbers, it appears that the upcoming Switch will be no different, but one retailer (GameStop) is promising that they will have a limited number of Nintendo's elusive console in stock. The company did not immediately respond to a request by Fortune for comment.

Meanwhile, according to GameRant, Nintendo is confident in their available supply at launch.

Nintendo hasn't shared much information on the Switch's eShop until today.

In addition to the lack of the Virtual Console, it was previously announced that the Switch would not have access to video streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube.

The good news is that Nintendo will finally tie eShop purchases to Nintendo Network IDs, instead of specific consoles.

Three indie games will be available on 3rd March: anti-grav racer Fast RMX, timed-exclusive platformer Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove which includes the original Shovel Knight and Specter of Torment together.

For those that have funds on the eShop on other Nintendo consoles, you'll be able to share those funds by linking your Switch.

This won't be the case on the Nintendo Switch, unfortunately.

Once it's released, Nintendo says the update seamlessly downloads in the background.

There are tons of titles lined up for release in Nintendo's new console offering. Zelda is definitely exciting, but with no virtual console and no Netflix support, gamers could run out of things to do on the Switch long before the arrival of Splatoon 2, which seems like the second guaranteed hit.

  • Arturo Norris