Google Allo is coming to the desktop (kind of)

The app, now available on Android and iOS, will also be heading to desktop platforms in the near future in the form of a web app. That made setup easier and potentially could have helped the app spread, but it also meant that you could only use it on your phone.

So, even though Allo is a great app and Google has put in a lot of work (did you know it's already on version 6?), the app hasn't caught on because if no one you know uses it, you're not switching and that social pressure is hard to overcome.

From the screenshot, it looks like Allo will follow in the footsteps of WhatsApp, offering a web client that runs in your browser before rolling out a full-fledged desktop app. It's integrated with Google Assistant, allowing its AI bot to offer searches, translations and scheduling information within chats. We're certainly hoping we won't have to wait another three months until Google I/O, but given that it's still in "early development" that might be the best time to expect it. While desktop implies an actual installable program for Windows or Mac OS, the screenshot itself suggests only a web app. One of the most convenient applications for commercial concerns, it seems that Google is planning to work further into the application's convenience.

With WhatsApp steadily rolling out new features and offering an all-in-one messaging platform with voice and video calls, it's getting harder to convince people to switch to Allo just for the sake of Google Assistant. It might be too little, too late for Google's also-ran.

Looking at the timeline of the upcoming Google event calendar, we might be seeing more of Allo at the upcoming Google I/O developers conference in May.

  • Carolyn Briggs