Ford GT Competition Series Goes Hardcore

Just days after we reported on a new Ford GT "Competition Series" that the Blue Oval might have had in the works, it's here; Ford revealed the harder-core, lighter-weight variant of the Ford GT supercar earlier today in Daytona Beach, Florida, ahead of the 2017 Daytona 500. This reduces weight up high, helping to move the center of gravity lower in this already low auto.

Niceties and conveniences? Gone. Only non-essential items were removed from the interior, such as the air conditioning, stereo, storage bins and cup holders.

Weight-saving options are standard. One thing that hasn't been announced is the weight, but Ford jumped ahead of itself today by announcing a Competition Series package for the GT, a trim that reduces mass and makes the auto even more track focused. It also has anodized red paddle shifters, an anodized red instrument panel chassis bridge, a red pedal adjustment, and a red emergency door-release pull strap.

Design-wise, the GT Competition Series gets gloss carbon-fiber striping, A-pillars, and mirror caps, and the lower body trim is exposed, glossed carbon fiber. A unique center console plate and steering wheel fascia are used to fill in for the deleted infotainment controls and screen. How much lighter? Well, the carmaker did not disclose any numbers yet but has provided details on the car's weight saving diet.

Optional weight-reducing equipment available for the standard vehicle - carbon-fibre wheels as well as titanium lug nuts and exhaust - are standard fitments on the Competition Series.

How limited is the Competition Series? The low-slung supercar will be available in six dramatically named hues: Shadow Black, Frozen White, Ingot Silver, Liquid Blue, Liquid Grey and Triple Yellow.

Obviously, this stripped down model is aimed at buyers who want to take their cars to the track.

"The Ford GT has racing in its blood", says Ford Executive VP of Global Product Development and CTO Raj Nair. However, only the United States will get the Competition Series. The Competition Series GT has a claimed dry weight of 3054 pounds-yes, that's the only weight the automaker claims in its technical specifications for the GT.

  • Arturo Norris