Fans Are Freaking Out Over That "Nashville" Death

And thank you to all the creators of Rayna Jaymes, for there were many. "She's always his priority". "I feel like Nashville can go on indefinitely".

The show, which moved to the country cable channel late a year ago after ABC cancelled it in May, is centered around the titular city and two singers on different paths: Rayna Jaymes, played by veteran actress Connie Britton, and Juliette Barnes, played by Hayden Panettiere.

Tell us what you think! She told the outlet, "The spirit of Rayna lives on forever and I'm always going to have a strong interest and love for the show".

As for us fans, we'll soldier on, taking cold comfort in the knowledge that, for the series' five seasons, Rayna was Nashville's angel.

At the end of the episode, the beloved Rayna James (brilliantly played by Connie Britton) - mother, wife, country music sensation, and all-around kickass and inspiring human being - succumbed to her injuries from her awful and shocking auto accident, and died in the hospital surrounded by her loved ones. For your magic and your dignity. But we thought about it and Callie, too, and we realized that Rayna would never leave her children or Deacon. Teddy, Tandy, Lamar too. It has been an honour to be a part of that creation. "Along with countless other compatriots and combatants". "There was no music, and no Rayna, without you". It would be different if this was a show like "The Office" and she'd just left the documentary; this was a show about the abstract idea of the Nashville lifestyle as much as it is country music or the city itself. T Bone, Buddy, Tim, Frankie and all the brilliant songwriters who gave Rayna a voice.

However, many fans believed she'd stay. You made Rayna. You supported her and loved her and gave her inspiration just as she was able to inspire you.

Rayna James is especially shocking, given that she hinted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that the character would be around a little longer. But through every challenge that came her way, as the heart and soul of the series, Rayna's wisdom and strength were reassuring, her Southern "bless your heart" refrains were charming and a little disarming, and her honeyed, soulful voice was a warm blanket for the coldest winter days. "Long live Rayna Jaymes", she wrote.

Before you doubt Britton's commitment to Nashville, know that she really meant it when she said it was her top priority.

We knew, of course, that when her late mother showed up and talked to Rayna, it was just a matter of time. She said that she has a few films going on, but after working non-stop on shows for ten years, she is ready for a break.

  • Salvatore Jensen