Democrats Make Fools of Themselves at Cotton Town Hall

A capacity, largely hostile crowd of 2,200 people filled the Springdale High School auditorium Wednesday to pepper the conservative Arkansas Republican with questions about everything from immigration and health care reform to President Donald Trump's ties to Russian Federation.

After Smith's mini speech, Cotton asked how old the boy was. "But obviously there are people who are upset, but I also think that when you look at some of these districts and some of these things, that it is not a representation of a member's district". Numerous questions related to health care, the Republican campaign to kill the Affordable Care Act, but one local voter asked if Cotton would support an independent investigation into Donald Trump's Russian Federation scandal. He shouldn't do that. "He shouldn't do all that stuff just for a wall". Again, the crowd couldn't contain its enthusiasm.

"I'm nearly 8, but I'm 7".

This year's round of GOP town halls really are the gifts that keep on giving.

According to Vox, a third woman told Cotton that her husband is dying of Alzheimer's disease, "And you want to stand there with him at home, expect us to be calm, cool, and collected?" Speaking to local station KATV, Toby explained that he felt the need to speak out because "Donald Trump was deleting PBS Kids just to build a wall because he doesn't like Mexicans".

"We want Mexico to be a healthy, strong partner", Cotton said. People like parks! People like PBS Kids!

Toby's compassion and concern for others - and not just for the preservation of his Arthur cartoons - was a light amid a hall of unsatisfied citizens who are upset with the direction envisioned by Trump's leadership.

The little boy is essentially echoing the anxiety over President Trump cutting arts grants and funding for the National Parks Service. He's got our vote.

  • Larry Hoffman