Charles Oakley to Attend New York Knicks

On February 9, the beloved former Knick was approached by several members of MSG security and hauled out in front of players, fans and anyone who was watching. Unless we're gauging "best" by which team Oakley played more minutes for or proximity to New Jersey, the Cavaliers are an objectively better basketball team.

He missed a handful of games earlier in the season due to a sore Achilles, but he's otherwise been healthy during the Knicks' hot-and-cold 2016-17 campaign.

Let's not say that the Knicks should outright punt the rest of the season, as they aren't going to finish with a worse record than the nine-win Brooklyn Nets.

"You'd have to ask Phil and Steve and those guys", Hornacek said when asked if that was the thinking behind not making a deal. "We always think we have a shot until it's mathematically impossible". We always felt that if we can get on a bit of a roll the East is kind of insane. A bunch of teams are bunched up right there. I think he may have even thought about trying to dunk it, it's tough to tell.

While the Knicks stood pat at the trade deadline, they didn't have a complete squad. Irving finished two points of shy of scoring 25 points for the sixth straight games.

Kristaps Porzingis (sprained right ankle) will not return.

Former New York Knick Charles Oakley is now engaged in a seemingly never-ending feud with Knicks owner James Dolan after Dolan kicked Oakley out of Madison Square Garden and got him arrested.

It usually isn't front page news when an ex-NBA player goes to see his former team play, but Oakley's appearance in Cleveland Thursday is certainly an exception. Two days later, Knicks owner James Dolan said Oakley was banned from the arena.

  • Julie Sanders