Apple AirPods Now Available in 58 Colors at ColorWave for $289

This week, ColorWare began offering customized AirPods, according to TechnoBuffalo. You can also choose what type of finish you want applied to the AirPods, with glossy and matte available.ColorWare is offering a variety of colors, including Jet Black, a variety of reds, oranges, greens, blue, pinks, and grays.

If you order a new pair of standard AirPods from Apple right now, you're looking at a 6-week wait before they finally ship.

The total package of the colored Apple AirPods comes in at almost double the cost of an original pair of white AirPods. Throw ColorWare an extra $30, and the company will paint the case. The company says that the painting process is quite hard and time consuming.

The company announced the support for AirPods customization today on Twitter, explaining that it was a hard process. Painted AirPods start at $289, or a $130 premium on top of the retail cost of the headphones.

For those who are searching for a slightly less expensive alternative for the colored Apple AirPods, a small company out of Brooklyn named as BlackPods is marketing an aftermarket painting service, too. For that price ColorWare offers 58 different shades including metallic options. Two of them - the Beats Solo 3 and Powerbeats 3 - were upgrades on previous models, but the third, Beats X, were something new: a "neckbud" design meant for everyday use.

If you live in Apple's ecosystem of devices and haven't picked up a pair of AirPods just yet, you're really missing out.

ColorWare fully disassembles various products to paint them in custom colors and the company said that the process wasn't that easy for AirPods.

  • Arturo Norris