TJAC leader detained ahead of Hyderabad rally

As the Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) has made a decision to go ahead with their proposed Nirudyogula Nirasana Pradarsana (Unemployed Protest Rally), defying prohibitory orders imposed by the police, the police has arrested hundreds of activists all over the Telangana.

Several political parties including the Congress, the TDP and the left parties condemned the arrest of JAC leaders and students as "undemocratic". Kodandaram, Chairman of the JAC, was arrested from his residence early in the morning in a bid to stop the rally.

Condemning police action, the CPI (M) demanded immediate release of those taken into custody and that the state government should announce a specific action plan to fill up government vacancies.

Scores of TJAC activists on their way to Hyderabad from different parts of Telangana were also taken into custody. They say such measures were not used even in Undivided AP.

All roads leading to Indira Park, the venue of the proposed rally, were blocked completely and no one was allowed to move towards Dharna Chowk.

According to a report in The New Indian Express, the state's IT minister KT Rama Rao had hit out at Kodandaram ahead of the planned protest stating that some "politically unemployed" people were trying to disturb the peaceful atmosphere in the Telangana by provoking the unemployed youth and college students against the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). Mild tension prevailed when some Congress leaders visited the police station and tried to meet the detainees when police denied them permission to enter the station.

However, police detained them and taken to the Goshamahal Stadium.

Kodandaram said though the High Court had asked them to hold the meeting at Nagole Metro rail grounds, which was not feasible to do so at the eleventh hour. All the detainees were let off by evening.

  • Joanne Flowers