SpaceX Dragon Docks With International Space Station

The capsule's hatch is scheduled to be opened Thursday afternoon. While not necessarily a mission of "firsts", SpaceX executives have added that the launch, which was originally scheduled for February 18, nearly didn't even take place since that launch was called off with just 13 seconds remaining.

"Today was smooth sailing all the way along", NASA spokesman Rob Navias said after the hookup. But the glitch was corrected within 24 hours, with Dragon making a successful arrival at the International Space Station Thursday morning.

"It did exactly what it was created to do, breaking out of a rendezvous approach when it saw an incorrect value", Navias said during the live Nasa TV steam of the planned docking.

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SpaceX has made good on a 400-kilometre-high delivery at the International Space Station.

According to reports revealed by Electronics 360, the Falcon 9 has allegedly delivered the Dragon cargo ship safely to orbit. The Dragon uses Global Positioning System data to approach the space station, then uses a laser ranging instrument and thermal camera on its close approach.

NASA now plans a second attempt to dock with the space station tomorrow.

"As a pilot it is sometimes better to accelerate and circle around than attempt a hard landing", French astronaut Thomas Pesquet said in a tweet from the space station.

On Feb. 19, the Dragon lifted off to ISS with falcon 9 of SpaceX launched from NASA's pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center.

Astronauts flew to the moon from this very spot almost a half-century ago. NASA awarded ISS transport contrasts to the two private companies - SpaceX and United Launch Alliance.

Experiments arriving on the Dragon ship include equipment for monitoring Earth's ozone layer, a lightning imager and a testbed that will collect data for satellite servicing missions. The Dragon's computers halted the rendezvous from just seven-tenths of a mile away. A previous attempt was aborted because of a navigation problem. "A ideal vehicle for SpaceX, as it arrived right on time". A third stage failure of a Soyuz-U rocket doomed the Progress MS-04 mission on December 1, 2016.

After the crew unloads the Dragon, the vessel will be packed with trash and other items and return to Earth.

  • Carolyn Briggs