Netanyahu, Australian PM hail common values after meeting

Labor says it will offer Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu some "constructive" propositions about the recognition of a Palestinian state.

Put simply, this would require Israel to pull out of the West Bank, which it now occupies. The Palestinians' chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, called a one-state solution de facto "apartheid", the Times reported, and Hazim Kassim, a spokesman for Hamas, told the outlet, "It is now clear that the US has provided a cover for aggression, occupation and the confiscation of Palestinian land".

Under this formula, the Arabs should recognise Israel's right to exist while a Palestinian state is to be established on the West Bank of the River Jordan, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. And then in 1993 at the start of the Oslo Accords. If nothing is done, one state might still emerge, as Israeli settlements continue to creep further and further into Palestinian land.

All of this has delayed a peace process that was supposed to be negotiated five years after the Oslo Accords were signed.

Asked how he envisioned a one-state solution, the prime minister stressed that he does not want to "incorporate" millions of Palestinians into Israel.

"My government will not support one-sided resolutions criticizing Israel of the kind recently adopted by the U.N. Security Council and we deplore the boycott campaigns created to delegitimize the Jewish state", Turnbull wrote in The Australian newspaper as revealed by AFP.

That's an important point.

Under President Barack Obama, the United States steadily applied pressure to Israel to stop building new settlements in Palestinian lands, and, with nudging from the U.S., Netanyahu even endorsed a (limited) two-state solution in 2009. "But there are so many Australians who are against this".

Palestinians, on the other hand, would lose their chance at a Palestinian state.

  • Leroy Wright