Jimmy Fallon Launches Trump News Network on 'Tonight Show'

"The Tonight Show" host featured a sketch Tuesday night all about President Trump launching his own (fictional) news network, TNN, to help combat the insidious threat of " fake news ".

Take a look at the first segment below, which is a scarily accurate portrayal of how the REAL Trump defines his carefully constructed world of lies. Fans of the show usually show up for the games with the guests, but you have to admit that Fallon does a pretty solid Trump impersonation.

Which is why "Trump", (Jimmy Fallon) is starting a new network: Trump News Network.

Fallon-Trump said: "Sweden is still reeling from Friday's incident that absolutely did happen". The president-newscaster began with a report about an incident in Sweden, noting that details were "unclear" but "100 percent not made up".

"Hi, I'm a weatherman", the faux DeVos said.

Moving on to the next story, "Trump" tackles his national security adviser pick, H.R. McMaster. "But now H.R.is going to stand for 'Huge Ratings'".

There was also a rather awkward weather report from secretary of education Betsy DeVos (played by "Tonight Show" writer Jo Firestone). He utilizes his "bad things button", which activates a "wheel of bad things" that randomly pairs a country and an event together. "There's been a Godzilla attack in Finland".

  • Salvatore Jensen