Dodge Challenger Demon Will Have a Suspension Made for the Drag Strip

The key is a combination of a new suspension setup and the aforementioned drag mode, which results in a mechanical/electronic drag-race-specific suspension tuning that Dodge says is a first for a production auto. But this week, the focus is on how Drag Mode, in combination with the SRT Demon's all-new suspension, maximizes weight transfer, traction and control ... because burnouts are fun, but they don't win races. They'll work in concert with what we assume is an upgraded launch-control system meant to kill every rear-wheel-drive competitor on a quarter-mile. In the coming weeks, Dodge will share more of the Drag Mode attributes. If the driver lifts, the suspension could firm back up, resulting in better lateral stability.

Dodge has designed the auto to be competent in most of the conditions it will face but also absolutely dominant when it comes to the drag strip. The company describes it as the first example of "mechanical/electronic drag-race-specific suspension tuning" in a production auto. Follow along with other teaser videos to learn more about what's next from Dodge and SRT. Dodge is now invoking the spirit of Sir Isaac Newton for its latest reveal surrounding the Dodge Demon. Dodge will surprise 10 loyal fans with an invitation to the hotly anticipated SRT Demon reveal during New York's auto show week. In case you have been living under a rock, Dodge has rolled out a new teaser video each week since January 12.

Given details revealed in the previous weeks about the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, it's easy to see that the Demon is a vehicle built for the drag strip.

All videos in the series will be featured at The Challenger Demon is confirmed to be lighter than the Hellcat model and it will have way more power to offer.

  • Carolyn Briggs