BOEHNER: A repeal and replace of Obamacare is 'not going to happen'

Boehner said at a healthcare conference in Orlando on Thursday that the Republican plan to overhaul President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law was "not going to happen".

Republican leaders insist they are on track to repeal and replace as much of the Affordable Care Act as they can this spring under a fast-track budget procedure that allows them to bypass a Democratic filibuster.

Fifty-one percent of registered voters said Obamacare should be completely or partially repealed, according to a new poll by Politico, a political news publisher, and Morning Consult, a digital media and research company.

This is the guy who led his party to winning a majority by promising Obamacare repeal.

Certainly people do not now want Obamacare repealed without a replacement.

Boehner, who resigned from Congress in 2015, is no longer shackled by the constraints of leading House Republicans.

Despite the opposition of the law by many Americans who say it has made their health insurance unaffordable, others say it has had the opposite effect on them. But Republicans could not agree on a replacement and refused to be a part of any solution to tweak the law for the better.

Last week, current Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters that his colleagues in the Congress were set to introduce a new healthcare bill at the end of February.

With good reason. Republicans don't have a plan that would accomplish those objectives.

"I started laughing", Boehner said, referring to when Republicans had promised right after the November election to strike down Obamacare and quickly replace it, Politico reports. And if anyone knows about empty promises to repeal and replace Obamacare, it's John Boehner.

  • Larry Hoffman