With Google's tilt brush now available on the Oculus Rift, paint away!

The virtual painting application was previously an HTC Vive exclusive, but now that Rift has its Touch Controllers for more natural interaction, Google has made a decision to bring Tilt Brush to the Facebook-owned VR platform.

With such high barriers to entry, cross-compatibility will be a big deal for VR going forward - Tilt Brush is just one of many examples we're likely to see. The new VR tool will be implemented on Oculus Rift.

Do you love painting? The app was previously available exclusively for HTC's Rift headset, however, it is now coming to Oculus Rift as well. It's unusual in that it's not exactly a game or a traditional VR experience.

However, this is another type of painting where you can use music, fire or light to paint. If you don't have your Rift set up for room-scale VR, Google has also introduced an option to scale and rotate your canvas space so that you can work from a seated position. And because these VR headsets track you as you move around, you can lean into a painting to discover the artist created an entire world inside, or - my favorite - literally look through the eyes of an artist by placing your face into their self-portrait.

The Rift version of Tilt Brush includes a virtual representation of a user's thumb, to preview which button on the Touch controller they are about to press. There are no other features which have been added to the VR experience.

We redesigned interactions to take advantage of the Oculus Touch controllers. Almost a year later, the former app is now available for the competing Oculus Rift.

I've played around a bit with Tilt Brush on the Oculus Rift, and I found that Google has translated the experience to the Touch controllers in a way that makes a lot of sense. You can also choose and save your color palette when you want to save a sketch. Elisabeth Morant, the product manager of Tilt Brush, did not share any details.

  • Carolyn Briggs