The World's First Manned Hoverbike Looks Incredibly Fun (and Deadly)

A Russian-American aero-design company is taking manless drone technology and making it not so manless. For now, Hoversurf is aiming Scorpion 3 as an "extreme sports instrument".

Inspired by other fully-manned aircraft prototypes like the E-volo, the Scorpion-3 relies on in-house software solutions to offer both automated as well as full-manual control over the vessel.

According to Hoversurf, the Scorpio-3 is claimed to be the world's first electric hoverbike that's meant to be "an extreme sports instrument" for both "amateur and professional navigators".

While the Scorpion-3 could hold promise for the flying taxi future, Hoversurf has some big competition. The Scorpion platform is also used by the Chinese drone maker E-Hang, which is the same company now working on a fleet of flying taxis for the city of Dubai. The company still has plenty of work to do before its flying bike is ready to be flown by your average joe, but with plenty of clients utilizing its platform for their own projects, it's clear the underlying technology is rock solid. Further into the future, Uber has released a white paper that details a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft service. At that point, the vehicle will likely look rather different to the Scorpion-3 on display, as it's unlikely people will want to fly around exposed to four spinning blades on all corners of their seat.

  • Arturo Norris